Premier Tents 10' Apex Mesh Canopy Sidewall Middle Zippered Door

Premier Tents 10' Apex Mesh Canopy Sidewall Middle Zippered Door

Premier Canopy accessories are ONLY COMPATABLE with Premier Canopies!!

Mesh Wall Dimensions: 116" W x 87" H

This item is made per the customer's order placement. It is considered a custom made item.

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  • Apex Mesh Sidewalls are designed to allow for maximum ventilation while keeping the canopy free from flying insects.
  • A great choice for camping or those warm summer nights when you need to keep those pesky bugs at bay!
  • The walls are constructed of a lightweight mesh for great visibility and airflow, while the size of the grid* keeps most bugs out.
  • The Apex Series Mesh walls come with full-width Velcro across the top edge that allows for a tight, smooth seal with the valence of the canopy.
  • They also have fully zippered ends for mating to other sidewalls.
  • In addition, each have Velcro tabs for attaching the wall to the legs of the canopy for maximum strength. Premier Mesh sidewalls are a perfect solution for those who need good ventilation without flying insects.
  • Easy up and easy down, mesh sidewalls are a great accessory for the Apex canopy system.
  • All Apex Series sidewalls zip together at the ends.
  • They are designed so that any combination of mesh walls, window walls or solid walls zip together for maximum flexibility in the setup of the Apex Canopy System.
  • With each Mesh Wall set comes a middle zippered wall which allows for easy entry and exit.
  • The Apex Series Mesh walls are designed for use with Apex Series canopies in either of 2 positions.
  • With the canopy legs extended to the highest position, the lower edge of the walls hangs just at ground level for hard surface installations.
  • This allows for the sidewalls to move without being damaged from dragging.
  • When the canopy is set in the 3rd highest position, the lower edge of the wall is resting on the ground by one to two inches.
  • This will allow for a much tighter seal with the ground on an uneven surface.
  • *Grid Size: 2.0mm x 2.0mm
  • Openings per inch: 13
  • Openings per square inch: 169
  • Colors: Onyx Black only.
  • Apex Mesh Walls are taller than standard walls.
  • This is for ONE 10' Mesh Middle Zippered Door!

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